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'The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.'― Dorothea Lange  *PhotoGraphie © T.ZoHer
(via 500px / Untitled by Florence Merlote)
(via 500px / Smile is beauty by rarindra prakarsa)
(via 500px / lovely sunset by kamarian photography)
(via 500px / Remembering Autumn by Tim Everett)

Sky of Purple on Flickr.
Via Flickr: Stony Brook Harbor - Long Island New York
(via 500px / Autumn Road by Donna Irene)
(via 500px / Sunset by Norman Celis)
(via 500px / Tears by Viktoria Haack)
(via 500px / Lava Burn by Miles Morgan)
(via 500px / Blindness by reza lashgari)
(via 500px / TEARS by somYot` s Blend Werk)
(via 500px / The balance of nature by Cath Schneider)
(via 500px / Watching My Favorite Show by Michael Shainblum)
(via 500px / twin farmer by budi ‘ccline’)